Q:  What is a Dynalifter?

A:  The Dynalifter is a hybrid of airplane and helium airship.  The result can either be thought of as a fuel-efficient airplane or a self-landing airship.  Up to this point, airships/blimps cannot land without the assistance of an expensive ground crew, and they need to be moored to a fixed post.​

Q:  Is it a blimp with wings or a helium-filled airplane?

A:  It is a helium-filled airplane.  Unlike a blimp, a Dynalifter has a rigid skeleton which enables it to fly without any helium.  The helium simply makes it more fuel efficient than airplanes.  Even with helium, the Dynalifter lands like an airplane, allowing the pilot to walk away from the aircraft without mooring it to a fixed post. 

Q:  Why is fuel-efficiency important?

A:  Fuel is the biggest cost in air transportation, and the Dynalifter's fuel-efficiency makes it the most economical airplane.

Q:  Can Dynalifters hover?

A:  No.  Dynalifters are slightly heavier than blimps and require runways for takeoff and landings.

Q:  Is helium flammable or explosive?

A:  No.  Hydrogen is however.​