What is a Dynalifter Freighter?

  • The Dynalifter Freighters is a semi-buoyant hybrid airplane.
  • It has a patented  structure that can carry concentrated loads
  • It was designed for missions to carry huge cargo bays over an ocean 2300 nmiles (3701 KM)
  • Land on short unprepared runways of 4000 ft. (1219.2 M)
  • Cargo bays are considered a quantum leap in technology 90,000cu ft. (6796 cu M)
  • ​The design is scalable. and cargo bays are ​detachable
  • The Aircraft is heavy enough to stay put on a wet tarmac up to a 40 mph (64 KM) cross wind.

​​Is the Dynalifter a Lifting Body Airship or a Hybrid Airplane?

  • The Dynalifter is a Hybrid Airplane. It can fly without helium. The Helium provides lower wing loading, which provides shorter takeoff, landing, higher fuel efficiencies and a lower carbon footprint.

Why is fuel-efficiency and Lower carbon footprint important?

  • Fuel is the biggest cost in air transportation, and the Dynalifter's fuel-efficiency makes it the most economical airplane. Lower thrust requirements provides a carbon footprint 40% below the fuel guzzling jets,  which produces a whopping  1.04 billion tonnes of CO2. This represented 2.5% of total CO2 emissions.

Can Dynalifters hover?

  • No, the Semi buoyant airships are designed to be part of the todays shipping industry, where practicality, reliability and safe operation are paramount. Infrastructure that handles aerial cargo is located at airports. Dynalifter group plans to use underutilized airports of the world.
  • With the semi-buoyant aircraft, there is no ballast control needed, or mooring masts, or delays for weather. Hovering is expensive. Without having the complicated systems for hovering the cost of operations comes down and cargo volume goes up.

Why is the Dynalifter important to the world? Why build it?

  • It is the Middle Market shipping solution. Dynalifters are faster than ocean ships, and less costly than than the Jet.  Currently the Dynalifter has features that can solve problems for the world , but there has never been a option like it. It sets in a Multi Billion dollar market. 
  • An interesting fact, the electric light bulb ; and even the Computer, many people thought, “Why build it ? “ and they changed the world.


Should the modern airships be compared to the antique Zeppelins?

  • The Zeppelins of the 1937’s were prototypes, and flown with flammable Hydrogen. Though Hydrogen is a good lifting gas, the inert gas helium is the modern lifting gas. Any mention or comparison to the antiques of the past sound a bit silly.  

Does the Dynalifter have large cargo bays.

  • The cargo bays are a quantum leap in technology,  the sizing is is 3 times that of the largest cargo aircraft. Which means the Dynalifter provides the  largest cargo bays that can land on 90% of the worlds airports. < 4000ft (1219M)

What is envisioned the Dynalifter will carry? *

  • The cargo bay is detachable, which provides for a variety of different cargo bays, and reduced costs. 

  • Discount shipping of common freight,  like parcels , or anything Amazon or Walmart sells. Pallet positioning costs  and dimensional weight rates will be eliminated.  
  • Shipping of People in comfort, no longer being jammed into a cramped seat, paying high prices, luggage size restriction. All that misery without beverages and peanuts. Plan on Large seats, discounted pricing, unlimited sizing , even take your pet. The passenger section even has a kitchen, movie theater and playground.  

  • Shipping of livestock standing or lying down as in a corral type system is possible, currently shipping livestock long distant is prohibited.

  • Forest Fire Fighting in larger scale and at slower speeds. Currently Large Jets fight fire at high speed, Dynalifter can fly slower and distribute greater amounts of fire retardment more efficiencies.

  • Shipping of Green Hydrogen, and LNG, where great quantity of this gas can be carried to villages where thousands of homes from one shipment can be provided energy for a year.

  • Interesting Fun Facts-The Dynalifter has the same fineness ratio as the Graf Zeppelin, but has a better aerodynamic shape.   The Dynalifter DL 1000 holds 11 Million cu ft of helium, the same as the giant Zeppelins, but the Dynalifter carries 8 times more useful load. 

  • The Dynalifter's suspension of the cargo bay/load would be considered the 4th type of airship. (Types of Airships are listed as types by the suspension of their load.) 

  • The DL 100 at 50% heavy, and 50 % light can climb out almost completely vertical.

  • DL 1000 has 8- T56 PW Engines, the same as 2 Lockheed Martin C130, but can carry 12 time the volume of cargo than the C-130, have the same operational costs of 2 - C-130. Finally, and the Dynalifter can carry a C-130 aircraft. 

  • Dynalifter Losses half its engines, it does not loose half its lift.

  • The Dynalifter can get air borne in four of its body lengths.

  • The DL 1000 will have the Worlds Record for the Largest Fixed Wing Airplane.

  • Dynalifter has an unique patent : Airship and Method for Transporting Cargo Patent number: 6311925 

  • The Dynalifter can lift the concentrate load of an assembled Allegany Locomotive assembled and fly across the Atlantic.

  • Our Semi Buoyant design was inspired by the Winged Airship called the Megalifter was developed for the NASA Shuttle Program by Howard Hughes in later 70's. Howard soon died and the program died with him. He knew the value of the winged airship. 

* Note: The Aircraft stays the same, just the cargo bays change for each market, based on DL1000.