Brian Martin and Bob Rist

Co-Founders of Ohio Airships.

SPECAL THANKS to Out Founders

We say thanks to all the Founders who has invested money, and time  in such  a worth while program, and we assure you we are not done. The best is to come. 

We believe 2022 will be a very good year.

About Us

Ohio Airships, Inc. is a Research & Development company focused on the development of the Dynalifter line aircraft.  Dynalifters are a fuel-efficient hybrid of fixed-wing airplane and helium airship, providing a set of features unavailable with any single aircraft.  Dynalifters are engineered to carry bigger payloads, further, and cheaper than existing aircraft.  The company founders believe that there is a Dynalifter-shaped hole in the transportation industry -- a hole that is increasing in size due to the emergence of Amazon-like e-commerce package delivery.  The time for the Dynalifter has arrived.

Ohio Airships is a team of inventors, engineers, and futurists with the capability of bringing forth a new form of transportation from napkin sketch to full production.  The company owns the Dynalifter patents and has contracted world-renowned aeronautical engineers to fine-tune the Dynalifter designs.

Ohio Airships became a defense contractor while participating in 
DARPA's Walrus aircraft project, and has teamed with major aerospace companies.

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