Dynalifter "Drone Runner"

The Dynalifter Drone Runner is an airborne mothership for package delivery drones.  Dynalifter are ideal because they fly slow enough to deploy and retrieve slow-moving package drones.  Also, unlike other airship concepts, the Dynalifter is the one design rugged enough to operate daily.  Non-rigid airships, or blimps can only operate in near-perfect conditions.

‚ÄčReducing E-Commerce Delivery Time

If you haven't ordered products from Amazon yet, it could be for a number of reasons.  Maybe you like to see products in person first, or perhaps you don't trust the Amazon system.  For many however the main reason is that it takes days to receive their purchase.  Why not just drive to the store and come home with your product immediately?  Amazon knows this and they are aggressively working to shorten delivery time.

Local Warehouses

Amazon is reducing the delivery time by "pre-positioning" them in warehouses near your home.  One way to reduce the number of days it takes for a California company's product to be shipped to a New York customer is to stock them in Amazon warehouses close to New York.